Friday, October 12, 2012

Hello all,

     I know it's been a  super duper long time since I posted anything...but boy! Let me tell you. I HAVE BEEN BUSY! This summer came, and it went. My beautiful wife, Melissa, was here the entire summer. Boy that was just fantastic. It's so weird how you know that you miss someone, but you don't really understand how much until they are gone, and then they're back, and then gone again. I can't wait until we are reunited for good. What a blessing that'll be. Also this summer the Danner internship went well. Our "Crafted In Portland" piece has made it's way all around Portland. If you wanted to check that out, and read a little about it head on over to It was a great time and I consider myself extremely lucky to have been given the opportunity to work with such a great company. And also I thank them for the very comfy and fantastic boots. Thanks Danner.
    So I'm currently knee deep in my second year here at OCAC (just completed week 6 of the first semester). It's going by really...REALLY fast. I have been doing finish samples in wood and working on a series of antler clocks. I also started intro to metal smithing this year. What can I took a while to really get into that class. I am, however, finally getting to a point where I'm gaining some inspiration and thinking of things I'm excited to make. I made a sterling silver ring so far, and I forged a knife from an old railroad spike. Good stuff! As for the other classes...well...they're classes. Art of the early americas is a fantastic class. LOVE IT! the rest are just OK. I wish I could say better things about them. But you gotta put in the hours somewhere I guess ;) I just realized that I've been at school for more than 12 hours and I should go I will leave you with two pictures of work from last year. Until the next time. Enjoy.


Monday, July 30, 2012

Well friends. The last few days for me have been quite nice. Thursday into Friday I went camping with my friends from school. All amazing artists and craftsmen. Steele is a ridiculous painting and drawing major. Brittany and Nick are fine photographers and Nick makes some of the coolest and most beautiful cameras and lenses I've seen. And Sterling is just all around awesome. After camping I made it into the shop for some short sessions here and there to start wrapping up Stephens banjo. It will get sent to the UK and he asked to apply the finish himself. Today I went in and applied some oil finish on a personal banjo and sanded...A LOT. Here are a few photos from today...we even caught Nick and one of his amazing cameras while he was in visiting. Also before I forget...please check out Brittany's photography at and Nicks at And now I bid you all farewell. Until we meet again.


Monday, July 23, 2012

Hello again,

Today was a pretty productive day. I set up Eric Merrills banjo and worked on a few personal banjos. Melissa (my wife) and I also headed down to the Paramount Hotel in SW Portland to measure a space I'll be making a table for. I'm really excited about that project. I was asked, along with some fellow students at OCAC, to build tables in response to Gary Wilson's photography of Portland bridges. I can't wait to start sketching out ideas for that and get it moving. Anyway, here are some pictures of the shop work from today. Enjoy :)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hey Ya'll!

Greetings friends,

So as advised by a few close friends as well as my wife I have decided to start a blog. Well...this will be more of a digital sketch book and portfolio mostly showing the work I do involving instruments and fine woodworking. From time to time I may post process shots of my work as well as finished product. I'm really excited about this and hopefully this will encourage me to photograph my work more in general, as I am really lazy when it comes to that sort of thing. Well then! Until the next time. Thank you kindly, and good night.